Easy Billing Software

1) Company Master: In this module you can go through all the details about the company with an added option of uploading the logo of your firm.

2) Product Master: In this module you can feed all the details of your product regarding the manufacturer of the product, description about it, unit, quantity, purchase rate, sales rate, mrp, tax and so on. The exceptional feature of our ERP is that you can attach a photo of the product so that it is easily identifiable.

3) Account master: In this module you can preserve the customers and suppliers master in which you can keep an account as to how much credit do they possess to you. With this feature it is easy to track your credit records and work consequently.

4) Sales Quotation: Here you can make a quotation and give to your customer with a detailed depiction. This helps in follow ups and keeping a record of your clients interested in your products.

5) Purchase Bill: In this module you can prepare a bill connecting to a purchase you have done from a supplier. You can reveal all the details like description of the product, quantity, rate, taxes applicable and so on.

6) Sales Invoice: Here you can generate an invoice for the sale of a product. This invoice contains the comprehensive information such as customer name, address, description, quantity sold, rate, taxes applicable and so on. There is a special feature in this module in which you can directly send an email to the client which also helps save time.

7) Payments to Suppliers: In this module you can keep a track on the payments completed to a supplier with all the minuet details like whether it was a cash or cheque payment , bank drawn on, remarks and so on.

8) Received Payments: Here you can save proceedings regarding the payments that you have received from your clients. This helps to keep detailed evidence which can be referred later for any reference. It also helps doubling-up and helps take quick decisions.

9) Reports: This is the final module that helps you look at your total sales, purchases, payments, receivables in a time frame such as daily, quarterly or yearly. Here you get all these facts in a cumulative form which helps you to know your firms standing and what transformation needs to be taken. In reports are further subcategorized as stock report, gross profit report, product wise sales report, sales report, VAT register, payment outstanding report and so on.