Photo Studio Billing Software

Photo Studio Modules

Fotoflash is an all-inclusive package that takes care of all requirements from a multi disciplinary medium to Large Size Color Labs, Photo Studio’s and Photo Goods Traders. The software is a user-friendly one and can be used by existing staff with minor training, without the need of trained Computer operatives. This program is designed to support the efficiency of the firm and to present the management with vital reports on a daily and periodical basis. Fotoflash is planned in a modular fashion and is a ready to use software that matches the usual requirements.

Packed with features of inventive engineering and refinement, Fotoflash takes photo studio management software into a totally new dimension through different modules:

Counter Module

Executes a large assortment of services conducted at your main counter for amateur and professional clients such as booking & billing of jobs, films, cameras, accessories sales enlargement & lamination sales and all relevant reports, value wise and quantity wise.

Dealer Module

Carries out and controls total services to wholesaler and dealers i.e. separate needs to each A/C holder for Cash / credit billing enlargement, envelope accounting, credit note etc. and thereby immediate accounting updation in every area and statement.

Job Work Module

Enters in your job production area reflecting job status, active inputs & outputs variety wise, production details, locating the job, pilferage control inside the lab and all other sort of controls along with customer type production wise summary.

Production Module

Keeping a bird's eye view on complete production machine wise, printer wise and reports thereon. Furthermore daily, monthly and yearly figures in value and quantity in comparison with existent job work.

Studio Photography Module

Enters in your studio Photography booking, billing job status, search for negatives with pending jobs for billing and product wise reports thereon.

Photography & Videographer Module

Having a total report of your bookings, job pending and completion status, allocation of jobs, pending payments, deliveries and photographer time management.

Instant Photography Module

The importance of Instant Photography needs Instant billing facility for instant photo services, the module takes care for control on cash memo print cash or credit sales with value & quality within 30 seconds which helps in saving time over the counter.

SMS Module

Maintains list of members with profile along with in-built SMS facilities which send an SMS automatically to the client once the job is completed.

Purchase Module

Enters in purchase products variety wise, its value & quantitative details, separately and in summary / register form. This module also helps in tracking purchase order and payment due reports.

Raw Material Module

Raw materials variety wise issued for production and consumption ratios, total consumption closing stock, planning for future purchase etc.

Employee Module

Keeps total control on employee’s attendance, advances salary leaves, and salary ledger.

Financial Accounting

Gets in a nut-shell your organizations cash book, ledger, trial balance, cash flow, fund flow, profit & loss A/C, balance sheet, interlinked with sales, purchases and daily vouchers.

The vision of becoming a professional photographer is one packed with thoughts of exciting clients, innovative freedom and endless artistic potential. Not often does that dream include laborious paperwork tasks, attentive contract negotiations with a client, tax filings or invoicing, however that’s what a lot of photographers end up giving away a greater part of their time doing.

Sepsoft photo studio billing software, billing and tax filing have become a very simple job. The software is very easy to use and creating bills are done very quickly without much annoyance. Sepsoft photo studio billing software is very reasonably priced which not only large or medium sized studios can manage to pay for, but even small sized studios can incorporate this software and make their work simpler.

Top 8 Reasons to Use Sepsoft photo studio billing software

1) SPSBS is the only fully integrated software that encompasses all of your studio business needs—enterprise planning, product pricing, preparation, client and outlook tracking, order tracking, bill paying and entire financial managing.
2) Compares your financial advancement to your goals so you can make vital management decisions. Constantly know how you're doing and, if essential, what needs to be done to take curative action.
3) Keeps precise client histories making it easy for buyer follow up and marketing back to your customer base—a very precious objective market many studios ignore.
4) Exclusive searching prospective allows you to search for everything. No more missing information!
5) Built-in print and E-mail abilities make it quick and easy to promote to your clients.
6) Pricing your products and inspecting their profitability couldn't be easier. Never again will you run the hazard of not pricing your work beneficially.
7) Top-notch technical support at your service.
8) Prepare a receipt within 30 seconds. This express feature helps save a lot of time.